יינות אבי בן

Shipping terms

· The delivery service provided when purchasing items on the site is provided within the territory of the State of Israel only.

· The countries and regions where the shipments are available will be according to the shipping companies with which the site operator will work.

· It will be clarified that notwithstanding the foregoing, the site operator has the exclusive right to change the service areas from time to time without prior notice.

Delivery of items purchased on the site is possible only when the requested address is within the areas and countries where the service is provided, and there is no technical or other impediment that prevents the delivery of such items.

· Courier to the house up to 4 business days at a cost of 39 NIS.

Free shipping on orders of six or more bottles.

· Delays in the delivery of the items that result from the customer himself and / or third parties such as: shipping companies, the site operator will have no responsibility due to these delays.

· It will be clarified that if the delivery time is extended due to the constraints of the courier company beyond the delivery time, there will be no claim against the site operator.

· The shipping fee will apply to the customer only, it is hereby clarified that the shipping fee is in addition to the order payment.

· The operator of the site reserves the right to update the delivery fee from time to time and at its sole discretion, and does not undertake to notify such change and / or update in advance.

· It is clarified that the courier company will coordinate a delivery date with the customer, the site operator has no control over this and will not be responsible for coordinating the delivery between the courier company and the customer.

· It is hereby clarified that if at the time of delivery of the items, the customer and / or someone on his behalf will not have the order entered by the customer, and the customer will not confirm by phone that he approves leaving the order at his door or anywhere else near him. The customer will be responsible for coordinating with the customer service the delivery date again. Failure to set a new order date by the customer will not exempt him from paying the order made by him.

· In the delivery of the items again, the customer will be charged in addition to the payment of the initial shipping fee also in the payment of additional shipping fees.

· It is hereby clarified that to the extent that the customer approves leaving the order near the door of his address or elsewhere near him, the customer agrees and confirms that the responsibility regarding the items is his own and in any case of theft and / or breakdown and / or any other claim in this regard. The customer will come with claims and / or lawsuits against the site operator.

· Failure by the site operator to meet the requested delivery date for any reason will not exempt, in any way, the customer from the obligation to pay for the delivery.

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